Nathan plays "American Crow" at 6 On The Square in Oxford, NY to close out the "Rust Goes East" Fall Tour 
Video by Jae Peterson

Next up, Nathan adds his acoustic and Telecaster guitar stylings to the music of Rachel Brown and the Beatnik Playboys on November 8th at Douglas Corner in Nashville 
The 2015 touring schedule is starting to come together.
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With Blood Like a River, Nathan Bell has made an album that at once resonates timeliness and timelessness.

2014 release

Tennessee singer-songwriter Nathan Bell is known for his straightforward yet poetic lyrics, and expert musicianship.  His stories are of everyman, sung with honesty and empathy. Though his subjects are often dark and troubled, Bell never leaves the listener without, as Cohen wrote, ‘the crack, where the light comes through.’

A master guitarist, Bell often performs solo, allowing his instrument to turn his poetry to song, his metaphors to melody. Acoustic Guitar Magazine described his music as “rock-tinged country-folk,” his  voice as “rustic, coupling the grain of Levon Helm with the gruff troubadour lilt of Kris Kristofferson.”

Son of famed poet-laureate of Iowa, Marvin Bell, his early years were filled with the comings and goings of literary giants such as Kurt Vonnegut and Studs Terkel. Instead of picking up a pen, Bell picked up a guitar. 

Sing Out! Magazine called his music
“Powerful stuff…bleak, yet oddly comforting.”

Bell’s records have been played on nationally syndicated stations such as NPR’s Midnight Special and have topped folk/roots charts in the US and in Europe




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