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Short Blurb:

Folk/Roots artist Nathan Bell is known for his straightforward yet poetic lyrics, supported by master guitar playing.  Acoustic Guitar Magazine compared his style to the “gruff troubadour lilt of Kris Kristofferson.”  Sing Out! Magazine called his music “Powerful stuff…bleak, yet oddly comforting.” Bell’s records have been played on nationally syndicated stations such as NPR’s ‘Midnight Special’ and have topped folk/roots charts in the US and in Europe. 


Press Release:

Tennessee singer-songwriter Nathan Bell is known for his straight forward yet poetic lyrics, and expert musicianship. His stories are of everyman, sung with honesty and empathy. Though his subjects are often dark and troubled, Bell never leaves the listener without, as Cohen wrote, ‘the crack, where the light comes through.’

A master guitarist, Bell often performs solo, allowing his instrument to turn his poetry to song, his metaphors to melody. Acoustic Guitar Magazine described his music as “rock-tinged country-folk,” his  voice as “rustic, coupling the grain of Levon Helm with the gruff troubadour lilt of Kris Kristofferson.”  And his playing, “encompassing delicate rhythms, mountain drones, and surging melodic fills. His fingerpicking marries thumb blues to his guitar’s mimicry of frailing banjo…”

Son of famed poet-laureate of Iowa, Marvin Bell, his early years were filled with the comings and goings of literary giants such as Kurt Vonnegut and Studs Terkel.  But Instead of picking up a pen, he picked up a guitar. “I learned to play by listening to blues greats Lightnin’ Hopkins, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGee. I learned to write lyrics by reading Jack London, William Carlos Williams, and Frank Herbert.”

Bell has shared the stage with Emmy Lou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, Taj Mahal, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. He is currently touring in support of his upcoming record, LOVE>FEAR (48 hours in traitorland).

Few singer-songwriters are willing to tell the unvarnished truth in stories about real people that resonate for real people. Tennessee-based Nathan Bell is one of them.
Mark Kemp, Acoustic Guitar Magazine